Sunday, August 18, 2013

pierrot le fou

    Film is like a battleground. There's love, hate, action, violence, death... in one word: emotion.
   Based on Obsession, an impossible-to-find book by Lionel White, Pierrot Le Fou starring Anna Karina and Jean Paul Belmondo follows the story of Marianna and Ferdinand as Marianne brings Ferdinand along on a wild ride, with murders, living as runaways, torture and the hunt for her 'brother',while Ferdinand (whom she's nicknamed Pierrot) turns into Pierrot le Fou (Crazy Pete) all while Godard comments on the Vietnam War, life and cinema.

 Why do you look so sad? Because you speak to me in words and I look at you with feelings.
Im not going to lie, the most beautiful thing about this movie is its styling. The colour scheme, based around primary colours, also the ones in the French flag give Marianne a beautiful colour palette, and style.
Oh, I'm just a sentimental girl, that's all.
Pierrot was a beautiful movie, and I think a really good way to start watching French New Wave cinema, even for non-cinemaphiles like myself (for a proper critique see my sister).
Tender... and cruel... real... and surreal... terrifying... and funny nocturnal... and diurnal usual... and unusual handsome as anyone, Pierrot le Fou !
That's not true, I know I love you, but I'm not sure about you.
Has it been a long time, or what? Wow, I haven't made a post on here since last year! Anyway, I'm going to aim to make a post a week from now on, I have a pretty extensive list of topics so I should be good! Any suggestions/ideas about posts you'd like to see, or share what you think about Ferdinand and Marianne by commenting below!

Love, Margaret

Thursday, November 29, 2012

tenue une (outfit one)

Hi lovelies, so today's post is my first outfit post!
  Dress: Cue
Necklace: Michael Negrin
This was actually my formal dress (radical, I know) but you know, why wear tulle when you can wear crazy prints that are absolutely amazing.
Let me know what you think, should I do more outfit posts, or should I stay safely behind the camera

Love, Margaret